1. pneumadeux

    Seeking: New home base west of Denver, CO

    Dear Colorado roadies (and former Colorado roadies...) I'm currently contemplating a move to Colorado, and I'm looking for recommendations for a new home town that ticks a few boxes. Hoping for some good feedback here: • West of Denver • Despite the growing threat of wildfires, am seeking a...
  2. RJMang

    Detraining dilemma

    I have a somewhat intense 7-day event this May: 375+ miles with 35,000+ feet of climbing. I’m 68, ride over 5,000 miles per year with more than 400,000 feet of annual gain (I’ve been at this level for several decades). So, this upcoming event would not normally be a concern. But it's in...
  3. Chet B

    Trek 5000 oclv 120 usa carbon fiber road bike w/ computer, u-lock, ultegra, 52cm, all stock*, light

    27-Speed, 700c Bontrager Wheels U-Lock + Bicycle Computer + 2 Bottle Cages + Safety Lights + The Works Registered and Certified Race Ready, Road Legal Tuned Up, Light & Fast AF Proudly Made in USA Asking Price: $600.00 Used but not Abused (odometer has not been reset and shows mileage)...
  4. E

    Help to rebuild endurance

    Hi there, First time posting here - I was hoping someone might have a little advice for me. I used to cycle about 300/450km per week - my rides usually always in Z3 and Z4 apart from rest days. I love being on my bike and I could literally ride everyday huge amounts if my body would allow it. I...
  5. Henrywrites

    How did you learn to ride?

    No matter what we know in life, it never came to be in one day. Ranging from when we began to walk, to speak and to relate with others. There was a learning process in all and that's what I'm saying about the riding of a bike. I got to learn how to ride from a pal that took out time to teach...
  6. Waruik0

    Trainer wheel

    I am thinking to buy a cheap rear wheel and use it for a trainer wheel. The idea is to be able to swap out my regular wheel with this trainer wheel when I ride the trainer so I don't have to change to my trainer tire every time I ride the trainer. My bike has 11-32 cassette (11 spd) with a...
  7. A

    Total noob: where/how do i start?

    Hi everyone....I am a total noob to both cycling and online forums! So forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place...but I have just gotten a "Specialized" road bike, and can't wait to start cycling. I live in Southern California so the goal is to take advantage of the weather and finally...
  8. Fatty Lumpkin

    Noob needs winter training advice

    I'm the noob, just in case you were not sure. How should I train in the winter? I want to “peek” this August but what should I be doing now, in Feb-and April? Can someone point me in the right direction (websites, etc.) in terms of training? My current mentality is that every mile during the...
  9. gontxo_nos

    My mtb training for 2017...some advice?

    Hi, I'm not a professional of this hobbie. I really like the MTB and I train to stay fit and perform marathons and stages races. I know that if I have a personal coach I will get more performance but I like to learn and self-train. Apart, as I said, I do not dedicate myself professionally to...
  10. S

    Spinning marathon at pedal studio

    Starfish Greathearts Foundation are holding annual Spinning Marathon on Saturday 25th February (1pm - 9pm) at Wimbledon Pedal Studio, 7 Elm Grove Wimbledon SW19 4HE. Qualified instructors from the Pedal Studio will lead back to back Spinning classes. With pumping tunes and fierce competition...
  11. A

    Cycling app project

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and look forward to having a place to discuss cycling with others. To start, I am working on a project for an app to help out beginning cyclists. If you wouldn't mind taking this quick survey, it would be a great help to my research. Any additional comments...
  12. B

    Indoor bike training???

    Going to start having my son doing some indoor riding. What do you guys do for equipment? He has a rim drive trainer we put his race bike on but doesnt like the feel or the resistance..ive seen his cadence and it gets choppy. Is it the trainer or him? Was thinking of getting him some kind of...
  13. kopride

    Racing throws cold reality on training

    For years, I did a lot of training, strava watching, and group rides, but no racing. You can really delude yourself into thinking you are fast simply because you can hang with a fast group, beat your riding buddies regularly, or your watts look good on a trainer session. When you jump into a...
  14. aperezy

    Indoor training strategies

    Hello I am a road cyclist and I just bought my first indoor trainer, a KK Road machine (fluid resistance). I would like to know about training strategies, I am not sure how many times per week and/or training time is required? or should I try to follow the same Road training strategy. I know...
  15. kopride

    Cyclocross racing as training

    Didn't see much on cyclocross in this thread. I've started racing again and figured I would start in Cyclocross because falling down sucks a lot less and the vibe (in the US) is much better. Interested to hear how any road riders alter their training to compete or ride in cyclocross. As an...
  16. C

    Seeking advice on starting proffessional cycling.

    Hi I am 24 Now and i am interested in cycling, as to participate in professional events. So is it too late to enter and start the career of a cyclist? Pls give advices
  17. J

    Cycling training same format as road running?

    Hello-- I'm currently training for a triathlon and was wondering how you even get started on the cycling training. I have been a competitive runner and know the "format" for running, but was wounding if it was the same for competitive road cycling/cycling in triathlons. Can I just make my...
  18. N

    Weak & sore legs

    Hello everybody, I'm starting this thread to see if I can get some advice. I have a doctor's appointment next Friday, but just thought I would hear from some of the cycling gurus on the internet. The issue is my legs have been feeling really weak and sore over the past 2 weeks. I'm a 33...
  19. D

    Am i pushing myself too hard?

    Hey everyone, So I am currently a 97.5 kg (215 lbs) rider, I was 104.3 kg (230 lbs) last month, so, so far I have lost around 15 lbs in one month, and I feel great about it. However, today, I am not feeling too great, I think. I felt like I've been training quite hard in just about the past...
  20. sharkantropo

    Upper body complementary training

    Greetings. I ride 4 -8 miles across an avenue's sidewalk nearby three to four times a week. I own a large Takara Kabuto single speed bycicle and it really has proven its decent robustness and reliability in the road. Anyways, I feel like I'm quite content with this routine plus the usual 5...
  21. B

    Knee problems since switching to clipless pedals

    I recently switched to clipless pedals. Never had knee pain before, but after only 6 rides I'm having unsettling pain in my knees. I would appreciate any help you can provide.
  22. Bigbananabike

    21 Days to prepare for Hilly 110kms race. Advice welcome

    On Jan 16th I'm doing a hilly (though very scenic) 110kms race. I might have a ride on my rollers for an album length tomorrow then an early ride on Boxing day (the weather is supposed to be better and if I go out early enough there won't be Christmas traffic)...
  23. J

    Dieting vs training

    I want to get stronger, and to lose weight. How mutually exclusive are these goals? If they are, how should I prioritize them? I have been sticking to eating more or less to 2500 kcal per day irrespective of how much I ride (if at all) that day. On some days, like today where I did a hilly...