How did it go in the 94.7?


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May 2, 2002
So, how did everybody do? Did you manage to get reach your target? I did. My target was 3:30 and got in at 3:17. Nevermind the fact that I started just as the pros finished. The heat was rediculous and the fight through the slower groups were terifying. I rode ALL of the way on my own, again and I stopped 3 times, so I think I did pretty well.<br /><br />Congrats to all of you that reached your targets.
I had a pretty good time, did 3hr56min (Was aiming for 4hrs) I stopped twice, once on william nicol for breakfast and once on Republic for a chat with some friends..<br /><br />Good stuff:<br />Well organised start<br />Plenty spectators<br />Professional &quot;Feel&quot; to race<br />Good to see Danny Spence Win<br /><br />Bad stuff:<br />Dangerous route (Plenty cyclists down, one HUGE bloodstain on the road!)<br />The section on the R28 was so boring, nothing to see, no easy access for spectators.<br />Huge traffic problems on the highway for non cyclists<br />Limited access to Sandton/Randburg<br />Need a new womens race contender<br /><br />I must say that I prefer the old route, the Hyde park hill isn't as enjoyable the other way round (Did get 78kph on my MTB though!)<br /><br />Well done to everyone that took part<br /><br />HOW WAS THAT HEAT!!
Great fun and tough :eek: . Must confess that I was going for 3:30 (after I saw the route last weekend :-\ ) and finished in 3:14 (thanks to the moral support of VO2 over the last 3km). I think that the 94.7 will become one of the best races in the country (Argus = views, 94.7 = the people and tough!).<br /><br />To those guys that finished it, WE DONE IT!!! ;D ;D ;D
Yes, great race. I did beat my time. Made it in 2.50. I was targetting 3.00 even though that I was wary of revealing considering the fact that I always seem to fall short on the day. <br />The time was at great expense though. My average HR at 181 was over 90% of Max and on a number of occasions I was over 100% (I need to get the thing checked scientifically).
Fantastic race! Beat my expected time 3:15 by doing a 2:50. Besides the fact that I am still coughing up blood I feel pretty good! Must have been a little warm later in the day, luckily I finnished before the last guys left. <br /> <br />Why did we all think the route would be slower ? <br /><br />I think the start was disapointing. The uphill start means you cannot see the front. And could they not get a commentator that actualy knows a little about cycling? <br /><br />I agree the highway section was a bit boring. There also seemed to be fewer spectators. Maybe they only surfaced later in the day. (unlike us idiots that had to get up at 4:30 to put ourselves through torture!) <br /><br />
I started J-group and had to drag the the bunch I rode with for the first part of the race (up to St. Andrews), altho there were some riders willing to help. Just after St. Andrews my chain came off and while trying to shift it back on, somehow got wedged between the r-derailer and the quick release. Had to remove the back wheel to dislodge the chain, just to find that the r-derailer had been slightly bent, and that the chain had looped on itself. All this took me close to 7 minutes to resolve, and I jumped in with the L-group as they came by. I eventually came in at 3:12. All in all I'm not too dissapointed, but that damn ellusive 94.7 sub-3 just evades me all the time. Next year I'll crack it!<br />Thanks to ewep for the moral support over those last few climbs. It's amazing how a fimiliar face and voice can lift your spirit. ;)<br />Well done to everyone!
HORRIBLE<br /><br />It started off with my bike nearly packing up 10km into the race. I had a nice easy, relaxed pace on the M1. And then my bike started squeeking and complaining. I could not see anything wrong whilst on the bike. But the pedal strokes were getting stiffer and stiffer. Eventually I pulled over thinking that a bearing had siezed. Did a quick check, could not see anything wrong, so I decided to ride it to the top of St Andrews in the chance that there would be some mechanical support up there. But the problem whent away.<br /><br />From there are I took it easy. But after the 40km mark my feet started cramping up. Even pedaling down hill was a pain.<br /><br />I stuck it out, only stopping twice, once for drinks just after the N14 and the once again to rest my feet before a long hill.<br /><br />Still managed a 3h43m although I think most of the 2-3 groups behind me passed me.<br /><br />Was nice meeting you Jaco, sorry I was in no mood to have a chat.<br /><br />
Suffered like a dog. ;D Perhaps I should not have gone out on Friday and Saturday nights, and I should maybe have declined those few dances on Sat night. Legs felt like lead on Sunday morning.<br /><br />Got dropped by the bunch on Beyers Naude and picked up the next guys. Managed to do a 2:36 for the first lap.<br /><br />Had an awesome time on the 2nd lap. Stopped a few times to chat to people and got interviewed for Supersport. Helped some struggling ladies along on the hills ;D and did a 3:50 for the second one. We were spraying people with our bottles and generally having a blast. Wasn't too chuffed that the guys stopped for as long as they did coz our riding time was only 3:30 so we could easily have done a 3:20 for the second one. But I suppose some guys aren't used to the long hauls.<br /><br /><br /><br />Have a nice cyclist's tan now. ;D<br /><br />
Great time LR! 8) Didn't you guys suffer with the heat the second time around?
It was hot. The heat coming off the highway was intense but hey, you get used to it I suppose. We really felt for the thousands of poor people who we passed that were still going to be out there for a few more hours.<br /><br />I still felt strong at the end despite suffering from some low blood sugar at the 190km mark. I still managed to have a sprint to Da Vincenzos were I met my buds for a cool drink. I was happy coz I averaged 31.5km/h over 215kms. It's my longest single day ride so far and my legs were still fresh.
I started cramping on the last 10 kms. Could not ride out of the saddle on those last hills because of that, but still managed to do a 2:35. <br /><br />I realy feel sorry for most of the cyclists that had to finish this course in one of the hottest days in a long time. Although I hear everyone saying that it was very tough I think it is easier than last year.. The heat played a big role in making it seem more difficult, but at the end the Pro's did 2:11, which is much faster than last year. I think 94.7 also did a good job of making it sound tough, like the story about the bus that broke down on the route. ;D.<br /> <br />The Tour de Gold is still the toughest race in joburg.<br /><br />Well done to everyone and now for some rest before the preparation start for the Argus 2003.
I also found the Westcon to be tougher, but maybe that was just because of the wind.
Wow, another 2:30 odd! :eek: Well done. Hopefully I'll get a better seeding next year and start even earlier to take advantage of the early morning coolness.
I am just as surprised. I went for a sub 3 as I only managed a 3:11 last year. And I was told it is about 15 min more difficult. <br /><br />LR what group did you start in?
A, but they blew me out the back on Beyers Naude. So much so that I couldn't even hold onto the first batch of the B bunch and had to wait for the second bunch of guys.<br /><br />How about you?
Five groups behind you. I got a D seeding, which I were a bit dissapointed about as the CANSA did not qualify as a seeding event where I managed a 2:32. <br /><br />We caught the Ladies on the M1 already and made our way through the groups. Even caught a small group of VC's. With a faster bunch things could have been maybe a bit better or maybe I could also have fallen out of the bus.. ;D<br /><br />I am very happy, I just seems 94.7 is now trying something funny with the seeding index where they take your position divided by the number of entrants etc.. <br /><br />That suck. I hope cyclelab still calculate it the old way.
Ahh well, my first stuff up. I went out with group SS and we got a little bunch together along the M1 (very lucky to get that bunch) and flew past everyone. The first waterpoint stuffed everything up though, one of the guys who had done a lot of work on the M1 went down when some newbie swerved to get to the water. Myself and another guy waited for him (why do I do this stuff) and then tried to re-join the group. I felt really strong though but the other two had lost it and I dropped them in my eagerness to catch the others. Didn't help though as I never found more than one of them at a time (ended up passing them all). Was flying until the 70 km or so mark but then the 50 km's on my own and the heat just really started draining my enthusiasm (and there were still too many people) and I gave up trying. Think I went out too fast as we were on sub 3 hr pace when I was only aiming for 3h30. did 3h17 in the end...<br /><br />Note: You must have been concentrating pretty hard Mampara, nearish the end you came past me (I must have passed you a little earlier) and I feebly called out your name...
Awesome Cadence.<br /><br />Looks like you'll have to licence soon. Do you ride for a club?
I ride for cyclelab at the moment.<br /><br />Needs much more training and mental strength to ride licenced (and lossing another 8kg or so). I am going for a test at the sports science institute on thursday to see if I have the genetic goods to ever do well in the licenced group. <br /><br />That will give me the motivation to train harder or smarter whatever the thinking is nowadays..<br /><br />I don't want to &quot;buy&quot; (anyone can actualy get one) a licence and get caught by the A bunch or so. If I ever get a license, it will be to kick some serious ass. I must be fit, lean and experienced enough to ride there. <br /><br />For the moment a sub 3 Argus is my next goal. A puncture and a very off day made me miss it last year. Next year is also the last year to get a magic sub 3 on the detour course so there is only one chance left, maybe more if they decide to alternate the route every year.. <br /><br />The scary part is that I averaged just over 37 Km/h which is still a bit to slow for a sub 3 Argus. What is even worse is that the argus is another 13 Km longer and there is this huge pile of rock called Ou kaapse weg to get across.<br /><br /><br /><br />
So do any of you guys have photos of this race which can be posted here?