hi, girls, how often do you go a cycling?

I think most cyclists these days have moved on from tents and pull small campers.
I go cycling at least everyday (or, rather, I try really, really, hard!) It's been difficult to work everything with my busy schedule. However, I love biking because it's a wonderful exercise, but doesn't feel like exercise to me. I'm heading back up to college so I'd love to bring my bike up with me. Then I could use it to go shopping at the close by supermarkets and malls. That would be the dream! :)
I try to cycle every week on the weekends, but I sometimes don't even have time for that, but I try my best. It's really good for our health. :)
I usually cycle twice a week. I totally love cycling but never have been able to do much about it as I have a busy schedule. I have to learn how to make more Time for cycling.
I usually cycle twice a week. I totally love cycling but never have been able to do much about it as I have a busy schedule. I have to learn how to make more Time for cycling.
I don't cycle nearly as much as I should, especially with it being winter. I do enjoy it greatly although I'm cycling less than I did last year. Before I would cycle 4 days a week on average. Now, I ride my bike once a week if that.
I try to go cycling at least three times a week. I am always trying to stay active. I like running too, but cycling is my favorite healthy activity. Whenever I'm cycling it's my "me" time and I like that more than a couple of time a week.
I ride my bike every day to work and back home. I ride all over town to go shopping and meeting people. I ride it on the weekends to nearby villages to have picnics with friends. When I have more than two days off work, I like to go on camping trips to a place 80km out of town. It's a difficult ride along some very busy roads, lots of dust and obstacles on the road, such as roaming animals, unsecured truck loads, etc, but it's worth it each time. So, my bike is basically like my Siamese Twin.
I usually go cycling on weekends. i live in an area where it's not really comfortable to ride a bike to or from work, so I can only do it on my days off. And it's better to go to some park or just outside the city.
I try to go cycling at least three to four times a week but with kids its so hard sometimes. When I get out on my bike its my "me" time and there are times when its really needed so I wish I could get out and cycle more but if I even get out once a week I'm happy.
This thread made me realize that it's been months since I last rode my bike. I have an overload of work but maybe nnext month I would have time to use my bike. In normal times, I would be biking at least 2 times a week, weather permitting. But during vacations when the kids are around, I spend more time biking during weekends.
I like to go on small trips at summer or the weekends.
On the other side I commute to work and school every day, so cycling is kind of life style for me.

I am so happy that I started to ride my bike a few years ago, because of friends it was one of the best decisions ever made.
Yep, these days I don't have that much time to cycle during the week, so mostly I ride on weekends with the family. It's a great activity because it's both exercise and family time too.
I commute to work twice a week (when SO is off work he rides with me to and from work), and go out on longer rides every other weekend. I also try to attend group rides after work during the week, but these events are only held once or twice a month. Overall, I average 100kms/week.
Before I broke my leg, I used to cycle every day, usual distance would be 10k one way, and the same distance back. I would go to a nearby town or else do some mountain biking to a nearby village up in the mountains.
After I recovered from a broken leg, I have usually ridden my home bike, every day for half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon.
I used to cycle because it made me feel good about myself, helped with me being fit, left my legs firm and long, and I just enjoyed the adrenaline I got from fast cycling. Also, I loved seeing nature/civilisation/people/animals, that I used to pass by.
Cycling is such a good feeling, especially that you can cycle either very fast or in a slow motion, so that you can experience the beauty of the surrounding areas. :)
For the last couple of months, my bike has been my primary transportation, so I ride a good bit. For me, cycling is not only fun and good exercise but also like a meditation. Out there riding along, I have plenty of time to put the things that are happening to and around me into perspective.
I usually meet up with my group once or twice over the weekend to do some mountain biking, and other than that I often commute during the week on my bike. Just around my neighborhood, the grocery store, and the gym though (I work from home) so that's all pretty low key as far as actual cycling is concerned. I don't do a lot of recreational cycling during the week because my boyfriend works long hours, and I work during the day, so by the time we're both home together I usually prefer to stay in.
I go cycling almost everyday, during the morning or when I have errands to do. That's what I like about cycling, it's so easy to do. You don't have to go to a gym to get your exercise, it's right at your backyard. And you can even exercise while you're running errands. It has been more like a part of my life, a routine, a habit and not something that I can live without for my everyday life.
Until I can get one of those kid carriers for the back of the bike, only on the weekends do I go cycling. I just don't have the ability to do it during the week as I'm with 2 kids all day.